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Tongan Vodka!

(Sunday 5 July 2009) by Dopps Family
Liku’alofa Beach Resort, Kanokupolu, Tonga (July 3-4)
On Friday morning I stayed at the Lagoon Lodge to rest and recover from a bad headache while Carola and the kids toured the island with Mana and Irene. They visited the west side and the blowholes which were very amazing and even more awesome due to the wind and rough seas. They also checked out another resort along the west coast that was better than the Lagoon Lodge so we packed up, once again, and headed to our new home on the sea. Last night Liku’alofa was hosting their own dinner buffet and festival show and we picked up some beer, a bottle of vodka and some lemons so
Carola could make her lemon drops for Irene and herself. Since the dinner wasn’t until 8:00pm we decided we’d have some drinks before going but with the kids in bed and still full from eating the leftovers from the umu dinner the day before nobody was in the mood for gorging on a large buffet. So we just kept on drinking and started up a game of Trouble. Mana and I polished off the few beers and then proceeded to help the Carola and Irene with the vodka. After a couple of hours, one game of Trouble and one empty bottle of vodka, we were passed buzzed and getting drunk. With no more booze we strolled (maybe stumbled a bit) over to the show and grabbed a couple more beers for Mana and myself and watched a bit of the fire dancers perform. But the women were still thirsty so Mana and I went in search of more Vodka, which you can buy at most of the little markets on the street run by the Chinese. It’s a good thing that there is sand and a tree swing just outside our room for the girls to play and keep occupied after they woke up around 7:30 am because mom and dad needed more sleep to recover, mama even more so x-|

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