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Are We Nuts?

(Friday 13 March 2009) by Dopps Family
Now that our youngest daughter just turned the "Big 3" at least we won't be traveling around the world with the "terrible twos". But with only backpacks, clothes for a week, two kids (5 and 3) and over 30,000 miles covering 8 countries on 4 continents in just under 4 months you have to be adventurous and a little nuts 8-O
Our travels start on March 27 from Seattle and take us to London for one night for a little rest and getting used to the jet lag. We'll visit Windsor Castle on the 28th. On March 29 we'll fly overnight to Cape Town, South Africa, where we'll spend 2 weeks sightseeing the southern tip of Africa. From there we'll take 4 weeks to follow the garden route along the Southern coast and eventually work our way to Kruger National Park for a safari adventure.
On May 13 we'll fly from Johannesburg to Singapore and spend a few days exploring the island and recuperating before taking a train ride north into Malaysia for another week of exploring until we reach the island of Penang for a week of beach life and Malaysian culture and sights.
We'll head back to Singapore and on May 30th fly to Bali, Indonesia. For three weeks we plan to explore and absorb the nature, culture, sights and tastes of Bali while relaxing here and there on the beach in between.
On June 21st we'll leave Bali and fly to Auckland, New Zealand, for a week of exploration and rest amidst some Western culture. From there we'll take a short flight on June 29th to Tongatapu, a tiny island in the South Pacific for a week of pure island beach life. To ensure we top of our vacation with ample sun, sand and snorkeling in crystal blue warm waters we fly north to the island of Samoa on July 7th for another week of beach life before flying back to LA on July 14th.
We plan to update our site with stories and pictures of our experiences as we travel on our adventure so check in to keep in touch. Our email while on travel is:


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