Travel Journal

On our way...

(Tuesday 14 April 2009) by Dopps Family
We actually managed to get everything packed into two backpacks after careful and meticulous measurements. When you are trying to carry 4 months of your life literally on your back you don’t want to break it on the way. So packing actually started several weeks ago and entailed a process of packing – weighing – taking something out that wasn’t “necessary” and repacking (which was repeated countless times). You know it’s getting a bit overboard when you are torn between keeping the extra pair of socks over the extra pair of underwear even though the socks weigh an extra ounce. I even reduced the spare batteries from 4 double AAs to 2. In the end we each ended up with a 40lb sack on our back – still too much, but since we decided to take the old stroller we figured we could just bump the kids off and throw a pack on it if we got desperate!
To get the kids in the backpacker spirit we got them a pair of matching Dora and Boots backpacks (very light just in case mom and dad needed to carry them). Along with the several small books, markers, games and other airplane entertainment, they each were allowed one favorite “knuffeltje” (stuffed animal) each. This may end up being a mistake if they lose them and if they do survive the journey they’ll need a thorough disinfecting and several runs through the wash when we get home. To be sure they would be excited about their new packs and not tire of them before we actually go to the airport, we gave them 30 minutes before leaving the house – timing is everything! They sure are cute with them on together but not sure if it’ll last….


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