Travel Journal

Stop 1: London Heathrow

(Tuesday 14 April 2009) by Dopps Family
The kids did quite well on the first 2 flights. Leg 1 took us to Atlanta where we arrived after all the shops and restaurants had closed. Apparently the Atlanta airport doesn’t stay open past 10 and since they don’t offer any decent food on the American airlines (Delta in this case) we figured we’d eat dinner (at 11pm) at the airport. Of course this didn’t look promising until a young couple with a big garbage bag approached us and asked if we’d like some food from Starbucks. They were holding several large salads, sandwiches, and yoghurt mixes and said Starbucks was just going to throw it all out since they were closed – so we were in luck and scored a free Starbucks dinner. When you are travelling for 4 months you have to watch the budget… so score 1 for family Dopps! Leg 2 was a night flight to London and the kids slept well. We stayed at the Marriott Windsor hotel and enjoyed the pool, sauna and steam room before dinner and crashing by 6pm – which was really 7pm since UK did their daylights savings time switch the night we arrived. If it hadn’t been for catching a quick blurb about the time change on the TV we’d have probably been scratching our heads the next day wondering why we missed our flight. Since our flight to Cape Town wasn’t until 6pm the next day we decided to head to Windsor castle for a couple hours and explore the largest castle in the world where royalty still live in. It’s quite an impressive castle with all the state rooms, armory and all, but after a couple hours little kids get pretty bored, it’s just not the same as Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland.


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