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Emergency room visit

(Friday 22 May 2009) by Dopps Family
Penang Adventist Hospital, Georgetown, Malaysia (May 22)
Yesterday Cianna came down with a fever, same as Anisa couple days earlier. However, around 4am this morning it was 103 degrees and we started to get more concerned since Anisa’s fever never went above 102. At 4:30am we decided to head to the hospital and by 5am were in a taxi back to Georgetown. When we arrived they asked what was wrong and when we said “fever” they sent us to the emergency entrance where they are already setup and prepped for pre-screening for H1N1 flu just as you enter the door. Questions such as “any coughing, any mucus, when did the fever start, how long you been here, where have you been…” Due to no doctor on staff at this hour they called the pediatrician while I was registering Cianna as a new patient. The onsite nurse stated that it would be more expensive to call in the pediatrician from home, or RM140. When she arrived Cianna’s temperature had dropped to 101 and she was feeling better. The doctor checked her out and based on the fact that Anisa had similar symptoms and was now better (expect for a cough) believes it’s only a viral infection of the upper respiratory and to continue giving her aspirin and hope the fever subsides by tomorrow. She didn’t think there was any need to take blood samples and go the next step since it would only invoke concern that she could be a candidate for swine flu. This would mean going to the government hospital and possible quarantine – something we should avoid if not necessary.
So we paid the bill and headed back to our hotel. Interesting to note that the bill was only $45 – which is below my insurance copayment if admitted to a hospital emergency room in the states (which is $100). I wonder how much a US hospital would have charged for an emergency room visit and calling in the pediatrician from home? Certainly not $45.
It’s now 8:21am and everyone else went back to bed while I opted for a 2nd cup of coffee and writing this journal entry.

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