Travel Journal

Update on girls

(Saturday 23 May 2009) by Dopps Family
Saturday, May 23rd.
Cianna is doing better today, but still had a fever around 100 most of the day so we spent the day on the beach and around the pool. Right now Cianna and Carola headed back to the beach to ride horses and I'm with Anisa who has made friends with the women working behind the reception desk. She went behind the desk and hugged and kissed them all (probably helped getting the chocolate candy). I think we are now at a count of 13 times people have come up to us and taken pictures of Anisa - 2 times just today and on the beach. I think she now understands that it's not a good idea to approach and kiss just anyone unless we are around and say it's OK
Tomorrow we plan on heading into the hills and do some site-seeing assuming everyone is in good health. Since we have free wireless internet here it's been easier to stay in touch and keep everyone up to date.


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