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Sanur, Bali

(Monday 1 June 2009) by Dopps Family
Flashbacks Bungalows, Sanur, Bali (May 30th – June 2nd)
The flight to Bali was short and pleasant. Anisa fell asleep before we took off and as we were landing Cianna remarked, “Are we here already, I didn’t even ask ‘Are we there yet?’”! The fringe benefits of this journey will be priceless… After paying $100 for 4 arrival visas and clearing immigration we looked for our driver, Made, holding up a sign “Stan Dopps” (first time we’ve ever had someone holding a sign for us at the airport). Avoiding the larger and more expensive south and city of Kuta, we headed towards Sanur, a comparatively sleeping village along the south-east shores of Bali. Our accommodations for 3 nights have been at Flashbacks, a very cozy and small guesthouse with rooms, bungalows and restaurant built and decorated in Balinese style. Originally we had booked 2 nights but liked it so well we extended another night. Although there is no A/C, the pool right outside our doorstep makes it easy to cool off at any time and the beaches are only a 10 minute walk away. The only problem with Bali at this time of year, during low season, is that you are constantly approached by the locals for tours, massages, hair braiding, or anything else that you can spend money on while here on vacation. The people are very nice and love to talk but after awhile it becomes a bit too much – but with the bad economy, the H1N1 virus scare and also being low season, any tourist around is considered a money magnet. But when a full body massage costs only $6 (which Carola received), a full manicure and nail painting only $5 (for Cianna) and delicious dinner for the whole family for $15 your purchasing power is strong. But sometimes the most enjoyable activities are free, like burying Anisa in the sand, Cianna learning to snorkel for the very first time and adoring it, or just relaxing in the shade on the sandy beaches. I can really get used to being in Bali!
Tomorrow we will travel to Ubud which is more inland and north of here. Ubud is the “cultural capital” of Bali and we expect to make it our base camp for the next week or so.

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