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Sick in Ubud

(Monday 15 June 2009) by Dopps Family
Ubud, Bali (June 6-11)
Saturday was our only “good” the last several days. I rented a scooter (only $3.50 for the entire day) and took my chances with the hectic and hair-raising street weaving. Saturday night (after both kids took naps) we attended a local shadow puppet show, a very unique and traditional form of entertainment (although difficult to understand except for the few scenes where the puppet master spoke in English).
Unfortunately, whatever bug Cianna had a few days earlier visited Carola on Saturday night, Anisa on Sunday, and I on Sunday night. A nice viral soup of fever, sinus headache, body ache and coughing. By Monday Carola was better (no more fever), Anisa by Monday night and I by Tuesday. Nevertheless, we’ve extended our stay at Abangan Bungalows by another night and plan to head towards the northwest coast on Wednesday – assuming we are all healthy.

June 11, 2009,
My fever stuck around another day and we stayed another night longer in Ubud to recover, spending 9 nights total in one place was more than we ever intended. However, with all of us either coughing or still recovering, we spent Wednesday afternoon with our friendly taxi driver, Agung, hiking up one of the nearby hills with a couple of kites (one which we bought that cost $5 and can’t fly worth crap and one Agung bought us for $.80 cents that flies itself). It was the first time Cianna flew a kite and you couldn’t ask for a more pleasurable place on the ridge of a hill of elephant grass flanked by two rivers, tropical trees and beautiful bungalows along the opposite slopes. That night we also were lucky enough to see several fireflies, a first for all of us.
Today, Thursday June 11th, we bid farewell to Ubud and climbed back into Agung’s van for the long drive to the Northwest shores of Bali to a town called Pumateran. Supposedly the snorkeling here is very good and the life is even more relaxed. But most importantly it will be nice to head back to the beach, warm ocean waters and good wind for kite flying. We left around 10 in the morning and drove to Agung’s house for a visit and tour of his family compound and temple. We didn’t quite understand the concept of the “family” temple until then and why there are so many temples in Bali, but that’s because each family unit has their own temple enclosure for their private use. Each village has 3 main ones and each community has 1 common one. So lots of temples everywhere. Their communal kitchen still uses wood for cooking and boiling hot water in large pots, and a communal bathroom. They also have several pigs in the backyard with one piggy already picked out for the roasting pit for their semi-annual family festival, on Saturday, June 20th to which we’ve been invited. Stay tuned for the story and pictures, they should be memorable! The drive, which took over 8 hours, was also memorable with Anisa puking twice in the car as we came down the extremely curving and steep slope of the mountains. Next time we’re giving her some Dramamine before we start the drive back!


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